The Evil That Men Do

Things that happened so far
(as of right now, while I'm writing)

You were bandits, now you’re just bad people.

It all started in a cave, with Nuros. You collected some stuff for him.
In no particular order:
-A couple of ancient, leatherbound grimoires written in Elvish
-A box from a caravan
-Kidnapped a gnome scholar
-Retrieved a large, crystal egg from the Tomb of Kos

You killed a bunch of goblins in the tomb of Slaggoth the necromancer and prayed at a shrine in a room full of trash. You also defeated some pesky mirrors.

While at Witherwind, you pushed back an incursion of the Fey realms and met Ren’lauk, a huge Satyr with silver eyes who seemed to know you.

You also got kicked out of the town of Holva for being dickheads to the management.

You investigated the disappeared of one of Nuros’s men, Del Lorenzo, a member of the School of the Seven Bells, and explored the tower of the Stargazer. You met a trapped wizard who didn’t like you very much.

You raided the Tomb of Kos, making your way through the back door, encountered a bunch of shadowy men digging tunnels, ran away like little bitches from a couple members of the Seven Swords, a group of do-gooder adventurers that seem interested in the artifacts as well.

Things came to a head and Nuros decided to rub you out for knowing too much/outliving your usefulness. Otho disappeared, some weird scarred men showed up and tried to assassinate you, and then you killed Nuros and his dudes down in the caves under the hideout.

Soupbottom was killed, and you took his corpse and all the various things you collected, along with the notes that he translated. From what you can gather, it outlines some sort of prophecy.

After consulting with an aged half-orc sage at the College of Witherwind, you decided to head to the capital city of Songspire to speak with Shandor, whos name appeared on Soupbottom’s notes.

Shandor is a huge, black and grey feathered Tengu, with abnormally long claws and a twisted beak. He told the party that he recognized the Egg, and that he has a part to play in the prophecy, but that there’s rules to things, and he can’t reveal more until the party knows more. He did tell you that the Urnot referred to in the grimoire/notes is a plague.

Next, you sought out the Ivory Lords, which are the trade prices of Songspire. They also apparently deal in information brokering. You arranged to meet with Tros, the Arm of Keeflin, a pale skinned, golden-eyed Half-Elf. He gave you a list of prices for information relating to the notes:
“Hannesh” – 1000g
“Colexan” – 800g
“Egg” – 1200g
“Urnot” – 500g

He also mentioned that if the party was in need of funds, he could trade service for credit. You agreed to retrieve a small key from the state of Assira Bellkin, a diplomat in the government district. For this, Tros will give you 1000g credit, less a 200g fee for having a man lead you to the back entrance to the estate.

You made your way though the sewers to a nondescript wooden door, which is when your guide bailed. The room on the other side was empty, except for a door across a black chasm. You jumped on some arcane platforms to the door. The next room contained two guardian beasts, which you (barely) killed.


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