Character Creation

Here’s the basic info you need to create a character:

  • Stats will be 25 point buy – you just ‘buy and sell’ stats using the table.
    Here’s a calculator –
    Paizo’s outline, with table –
  • Read through Races-Overview before picking something.
  • You’re starting as bandits, so keep that in mind and pick something that will fit in (ie not Court Bard variant).
  • Check the House Rules for alterations in things like skills and game play.
  • Alignment? Don’t care. Write down something if it makes you happy, or just leave it blank. As far as I’m concerned, your Alignment is Evil. Thus this game.
  • Read up on Starting Point for an overview of where the game begins.
  • Everybody begins with a class appropriate weapon and armor, clothes, and various sundries (lamp, bedroll, etc – the cheap stuff). Starting gold is 100gp, which can be spent on upgrading weapons to masterwork, or ‘extras’ like tools or whatever. Potions are the only starting magic items available.

Races/Classes from the Core Rules are fine, with the exception of Monks (this is for world/roleplaying reasons). Anything else (Advanced classes, varients, feats, etc) need to be run by me first, as there’s a significant amount of power creep outside the Core. The idea is to keep everyone on equal footing and provide a real challenge as far as combat goes. Some things will be fine, some I may tone down a bit, some are just a flat out ‘no’. There’s going to be a lot of stuff solved through role playing encounters and critical thinking (as opposed to pure dice rolls), so don’t ever consider yourself at a disadvantage as far as the numbers on your character sheet are concerned. It’s more about who you are than what you are.

There will be an emphasis on role playing your characters. This doesn’t mean you have to talk in a silly voice, or only speak in character or anything like that. It means that you need a basic back story, motivations, and a connection to your guy (or gal) and act accordingly. The more you come up with, the more I can weave those things into the story. It could be as simple as some bullet points or a whole piece of fiction. Whatever you want to do is fine, and I’m happy to help tie it in. Feel free to make up names and places of minor characters if it suites you. I’ll put them on the map and possibly in the story.

Character Creation

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