In the event of an untimely demise, break glass

So you’ve died. It was bound to happen. It’s ok, the world is a rough place. And we have rules to get you back up and running.

1) Stats: Roll 3d6 x 7, drop the lowest, assign any way you want. Superpowered point buy is for people that didn’t catch an arrow to the face. Sorry.

2) Level: You’re one level behind where you died, with half the XP to the next level (so if you were level 4, you’re now level 3, with 11xp)

3) Stuff: Two options. You can be a relative/heir of the guy who died. You get all his material wealth -10% estate tax, and get to pick one magic item to pass along, if you have any. The catch here is that you have to be the same race as the guy who died. Changing class is fine. You join the party whenever they get back to a settlement or at the first convenient location.

The other option is to start completely over. Different race, whatever. You start with 100g + starter gear, just like you did to begin with. The big plus here is that you can join immediately, and we’ll wave our hands at the backstory/how you got there/logic stuff.

Cheating Death
So the Orc sliced you from gizzard to groin. You’re below 0hp. You’re dying in a shitty, stinking cavern, surrounded by nasty things, a long way from home. But you’re a motherfucking badass, so once, and only once, per level, you can roll a Fortitude save to avoid death. A successful save means you now have 1hp, and can function normally. Good on ya.

Yeah, you’re dead. Want to make something of it? Then talk your friends into hauling your mangled corpse to someone that can do something about it. Your return to the world of the living is not without cost though. Just like rerolling, you lose a level and have 11xp towards the next level. There’s also going to be a chunk of change, an item donation or maybe even a quest (a quest!) involved in talking a religious fellow into doing said resurrection. The upside? You get to keep all your crap (provided your ‘friends’ didn’t lighten the load while hauling you to the temple).

Out like a boss
In the event that you can’t or don’t want to be resurrected, there’s a way for you to earn a little xp towards your next guy. How? With a big old send off, Viking style. We’re talking ship down the river, funeral pyre or something of the sort. A big shindig never hurts either. For every player you can talk into dropping 100gp x your level in gold, loot, or whatever for your big sendoff, you get 2xp towards your next character, up to the next level.


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