Experience Points

As opposed to the regular XP system for killing shit, or the old school method of 1gp = 1xp, we’re doing something a little different. An abstraction, if you will. Here’s the breakdown:

It takes 25xp to level up.

1xp: Simple encounter – easy combat, overcoming a trap, bilking a little old lady out of her life savings.

2xp: Normal encounter – moderately difficult combat, overcoming particularly complicated traps, convincing the Duke his daughter is a vampire and must be staked.

3xp: Extraordinary encounter – exceedingly difficult combat (“you killed how many orcs?!?”), completing major plot points, etc

bonus!: 1xp to be given for doing something completely awesome, clever or unexpected, at the DMs discretion.

Note: Random/wandering monsters won’t usually give xp. They’re there because you dicked around too long, made too much noise or some other dungeon faux pas. You can’t steadily level up to 20 by sitting on dungeon level one and banging an iron pipe on the wall… That said, they usually do have some amount of treasure or possessions. There’s also a few exceptions to the no xp rule.

Pretty simple, eh?

You can lose xp in a few circumstances. Read Death. Also, watch out for vampires.

Experience Points

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