Starting Point

You guys are bandits. Not the Robin Hood kind, the ‘steal your stuff and leave you tied to a tree for the wolves’ kind. We’ll deal with how you got to here individually, but you’re currently working for The Grey Men Banditry and Raiding Company, under the leadership of Nuros Telab. Nuros is human, looks to be in his 40s, with long, greying hair and an eyepatch. Rumor has it that he was once a Songspire guard before turning to a life of crime. He’s standoffish, and probably hasn’t said two words to any of you in the months you’ve been with the Grey Men, preferring instead to direct through his second-in-command, an aging Half Elf burglar named Otho.

The Grey Men are based in a small system of caves about 60 miles to the Northwest of Songspire. The caves are rather shallow, though there is a grotto deeper in that has been boarded up since you’ve been there. Rumors are that it’s an escape route, a secret meeting place, or a passage into a larger system of caves. Nobody that talks about it knows for sure. There is a guard posted outside of it most of the time. Otherwise, ‘Home’ is pretty unassuming – quiet, dank and chilly. There are about 10 ‘rooms’, the larger used for meeting places and storage of pillaged goods, the smaller being bunking quarters.

The caves sit about 5 miles north of the aptly named Pillager’s Way, which runs east-west from Cornath to the White Lakes before turning south towards Marr’s Gap. The closest settled location is the small town of Vhin (pop. ~20), about 10 miles to the east. There are a few known Goblin encampments in the hills to the north, and you’re situated at the western edge of Northern Orc territory, so they’re a not uncommon sight. Nuros has apparently brokered a non-aggression pact with the orcs for the time being – you don’t mess with them, and they don’t kick in your door and pulp you.

The Grey Men are divided into ‘Troopes’, smaller, tight-knit squads of bandits that perform raids and general banditry. There’s a definite divide between the new guys and the more experienced Men, and they’re not usually very talkative about their exploits. Most of the more advanced Troopes are away for days or weeks in parts unknown. You’ve overheard them talking about things like jewel heists, abandoned temples and even burglaries in Songspire’s more wealthy districts. One member that’s lent you guys some advice is Kwalb, a towering Half-Orc who runs The Pact, one of the more successful Troopes.

Since joining the Grey Men, you’ve gotten to travel, see the sights, and rob people blind. As low level operators, you’re usually tasked by Otho to raid the caravans that run from the communities south of the White Lakes to trade in Cornath or Songspire. Sometimes your duties included things like dishes, laundry and cleaning the ‘loo. You’ve occasionally gotten guard duty while transporting stolen goods to market or checking the surrounding area for aggressive beasties. While Otho is sympathetic and tells you if you keep it up you’ll be promoted to better jobs soon, it’s currently not the most fun you’ve ever had. But it’s a living and a roof over your head.

The Pact – 6 members, led by Kwalb, enforcement, retrieval, larger jobs
Ghost Palm – 4 members, led by Danial
Kirn’se (Devil Teeth) –
Jester’s Trek –
The Cockswains -

PCs -

Starting Point

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