Welcome to evil, the more fun, do what you want, I can’t believe I just said that, side of good! You guys asked, here’s me trying to deliver. This page will, time permitting, have updates, rules addendum and synopsis of past sessions.

The real meat will be in the wiki, which should contain people you meet, places of interest and a running list of loot gathered, as well as maps and other visuals, an overview of the world, gods, etc. The goal here is to have somewhere for me to organize things and for you to reference in and out of game.

A note about EVIL
There’s obviously a whole gamut of what could be considered evil in a game. Rather than have a philosophical discussion about the nature of morality, I’m going to suggest that rather than Evil with a capital E, the game is morally ambiguous at best, completely self-serving at worst. Provided you actually follow the plot hooks and continue on with what I consider the ‘main storyline’, you’ll definitely be on the unlawful end of things, with an emphasis on self-serving. To me, evil means putting yourself and your goals (or the common goals of the group) first, everything else be damned. Group of angry farmers standing between you and the treasure? Fireball. That priest not wanting to release crucial information? He didn’t need that hand anyway.

That said, how you handle situations is up to you – I’m not going to railroad you into anything, and know that there is a whole wide world of repercussions out there. No one from a lowly farmer to the King himself is going to sit back and turn a blind eye to things. How you deal with those situations is part of the fun of being evil.

Last but not at all least, evil isn’t carte blanche to derail things. Try not to go overboard, especially regarding your fellow players. Yes, it might be totally in-character to skewer Josh because he did you wrong or made momma jokes, but use some restraint. We’ll all have more fun that way.

The Evil Sandbox
Evil tends to play out a bit differently than good campaigns. Mainly, you have to be proactive to be evil. You come up with your own goals and find means to achieve them. Nobody’s going to approach a band of thieves and cutthroats to rescue a princess or rid the town of goblins. That said, there is an overarching plot you can follow (or not) and there’ll be plenty of hints and rumors of things to do if you choose. You as a group and individually need to find motivations and make plans of what to do — be it gathering powerful artifacts, raising an army or thwarting the plans of do-gooders in the world. The main plot stuff is always there, so don’t be afraid to chase your own goals.

As mentioned above, motivations are important to being evil. It’s the why you’re evil that we’re concerned with. Are you stark raving mad? Have a chip on your shoulder? Seeking revenge? Driven to power at any cost? It’s generally agreed on that people, good or bad, are law abiding, if only because they fear repercussions. The question is why you’re past that. It’s all about justification.

Challenges and Combat
Varneth is a rough place sometimes. Areas close to civic centers are well maintained and patrolled, but the farther off the beaten path you are, the rougher things can get. The wilds are truly wild. The point is that it’s entirely possible to run up against something you can’t kill immediately (or ever). Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Not engaging, or finding alternative or interesting solutions to problems can often lead to better outcomes than ‘I ready my fists’.

Also important is the use of tactics. We’ll be using a hex grid for combat, so try to use the environment to your advantage when you can and play to your strengths. Not every combat will be a by the skin of your teeth encounter, but they’re not going to be givens either. This is Pathfinder, and you’re big, bad dudes. Combat should be challenging, interesting, rewarding and a bit heart pounding if we’re going to do it. If all you want is an ego boost, I’ll buy little gold stars to stick on your character sheets and we can skip you actually killing 20 goblins with your bare hands.

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